Over the past 15 years I have had a rewarding and hands-on career creating and supervising visual effects, virtual reality, and stereoscopic 3D for films and commercial projects. Since 2009, I have focused my efforts building Legend3D from a staff of 35 employees to a global company with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Toronto. As the Chief Creative Officer, I was responsible for client management, mentoring creative supervisors, technical & creative workflow development, the use of technology to aid in creative storytelling, sales and marketing of the talents curated representing the company, and leading teams of artists and production personnel towards the success of our large-scale global projects. I am most proud of the work I’ve done with internal developers on our proprietary software and workflows, resulting in increased creative control for the artists as-well-as a more efficient creative pipeline.

Prior to Legend3D, I was a Senior Compositor, Senior TD, and Project Manager for multiple television shows, commercials, and feature films. As a compositor I was often quickly recognized as a leader through my preparedness to present my work to clients, and set up my scripts to be procedurally updated in realtime to make the most of our short time for  feedback.

As I move forward in my career, I plan to expand my current knowledge in stereoscopic filmmaking, visual effects, virtual reality, and augmented reality. I see myself as a client facing person able to solve problems by pre-empting them in preproduction, and/or remaining flexible throughout the process to insure ultimate success for all.